Gifted Education Communicator – Fall 2016 CONTENTS

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For the Classroom

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Book Reviews


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  • Deceptively Simple and Exceedingly Rich: Using Gifted Pedagogy for Technology Integration
  • Early Entrance to College Programs: Accelerating More than Academics!
  • Student Engagement: Powering the History Classroom with Interactive Boards
  • A New Teacher’s Perceptions of the First Month of Teaching
  • Book Reviews


GEC Summer 2015 CONTENTS

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  • ¿Comprendes?: Gifted ELLs in the CCSS Classroom
  • Teaching Skills Through Service Learning
  • Teaching Thinking: Spatial Thinking
  • Learning While Vacationing: Not an Oxymoron
  • Summer Time: A Time to Talk
  • Looking Back – Looking Ahead
  • Book Reviews

GEC Spring 2015 CONTENTS

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  • Concentric Circles: A Curricular Approach
  • English Language Learners: Classroom Practices that Really Work
  • How to Explain Modern Art: Part 3
  • Recognizing and Serving Gifted Students
  • Underachievement: Another Perspective
  • Achievement: Life on the Fringes
  • Developing a Voice at Your School to Support Gifted Education
  • Book Reviews

GEC Winter 2015 CONTENTS

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  • Creativity and Common Core Mathematics
  • California Perspective: A Reflection from Another State
  • The Courts, the Office of Civil Rights, and Gifted Programming
  • The Power of Parents
  • The Pursuit of Practice
  • Authentic Opportunities and Talent Development: An Essential Curriculum for Twice-Exceptional Learners
  • Twice-Exceptional: An 8th Grade Perspective
  • How to Explain Modern Art: Part 2
  • Family Recipe to Family Business
  • The Art of Interdisciplinary Connections
  • Book Reviews


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  • Building a Relationship between Basic and Common Core State Standards Skills
  • Dystopian Fiction: A Literary Outlet for Teen Angst
  • How to Explain Modern Art 
  • Learning Centers: A Strategy to Differentiate Instruction for the 21st Century Classroom
  • Lesson Plan – Measuring Answers to Questions
  • What is Self-Science?
  • Book Reviews


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  • Common Core State Standards
  • From the Classroom
  • Technology
  • Parents
  • Book Reviews


GEC Summer 2013 Contents

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  • Welcome Editorial
  • The State of Gifted Education 
  • Learning Together
  • Independent Learning 
  • Developing Academic Language 
  • Books: Reviews, Lessons and Readings
  • Retrospectives 
  • Technology 

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