Independent Learning

5 Steps for an Independent Learning Experience

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IntroductionA major goal of any gifted program should be to teach gifted students how to become independent researchers. There is sufficient evidence to understand that all the needs of gifted students cannot be meet in any single curriculum or course of study. Learning how to learn is an imperative to fulfilling one’s interests and aptitudes. Embarking on an independent study is an important means to meet each student’s individualized interest and abilities.
At-home and at-school educators can facilitate every student’s independent study journey by “traveling” the defined pathway outlined in the “Take an Independent Study Journey” graphic.
Some things to consider regarding the purposes of an independent study journey:The need to learn the procedure to conduct an independent study is as important as learning about a self-selected topic of study.
Learning to become self-directed or to become an independent thinker is an outcome of the independent study process.Some ideas to initiate an independent study journey:Consider “piggybacking” an independent study journey from an observed interest
Consider a “family study” research project adhering to the independent study journey procedure

 1. Stop and look for something interesting to investigate.


 2. Stop to define a set of questions you want to answer.


 3. Stop to get information to answer your questions.


 4. Stop to share your new information with friends and family.


 5. Stop to think about why learning what interests you is so exciting.

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