Introducing the All New GEC 2.0

by Sandra Kaplan
Hello CAG Members and welcome to your all new, fully online, Gifted Education Communicator!

Sandra Kaplan

Sandra Kaplan

The decision to redesign the GEC Communicator from a traditional print journal to a web-based form of communication is for more than the purpose of “just keeping up with the technological times.” The transition to a web-based form of communication is a consequence of many factors.

The most significant reason for the change in design is “advocacy” and the response to the question:

How do we keep gifted education alive in the contemporary era of funding and with the emphasis on closing the achievement gap?

Developing a web-based means of informing and providing you, our CAG members, with information and ideas that promote the practices of gifted education in the classroom, the school and district, was a primary impetus for the transition.

The design of the GEC website has been conceived with the purposes of accessing information, materials and people, that can “keep gifted education alive” in learning environments where our members are affiliated.

While the design of the CEG Communicator has changed, the quality initiated and upheld by Margaret Gosfield during her tenure as editor of the journal will always be a goal that underscores the website form of the Gifted Education Communicator.

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