Technology and Gifted Learning

A Virtual Field Trip

  1. Introduction
  2. Academic Language
  3. Research Questions
  4. Virtual Field Trip Activities
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Virtual fieldtrips are a means to discover the world via technology. A virtual fieldtrip can help students explore the past, present, and future. Examine the many learning experiences that can be applied to a virtual fieldtrip.

Academic Language

  1. Collection
  2. Gallery
  3. Docent
  4. Exhibition
  5. Placard
  6. Curator
  7. Hall
  8. Display
  9. Case
  10. Antique
  11. Artifact
  12. Museology

Research Questions

  1. How is what I am seeing connected to what I already know or my previous knowledge?
  2. What new questions arise because of what I have seen?
  3. Where is there more information about this object or topic?

Following are three activities to consider that accompany a virtual fieldtrip

  1. Become a Docent: Prepare a “talk” that would facilitate the understandings of visitors to one of the galleries in the museum.
  2. Become a Curator: Prepare a set of placards for an exhibition in the museum that was visited.
  3. Study Museology: Design a three-dimensional museum complete with a publication for the exhibition.  Share it with the class.

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